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Membership plan administration that increases patient retention, boosts referrals and ultimately maximizes your return on relationships.

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Why Choose Launch Loyalty

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Launch Loyalty combines advanced technologies with over 40 years of patient behavior insights and human relationships, to design compliant and scalable membership plans that not only benefit our clients, but also enhances the patient experience.

Create a New Membership

Our customized plan designs and flexible pricing structures help you stay profitable, providing deep value for your patients.

Outsourcing an Existing Membership

Save time, resources and improve ROI by outsourcing your existing plan to our team of licensed professionals.

Affiliate Partnerships

Expand your reach with new revenue streams that coincide with your corporate mission and value proposition.

Beyond Dental

The personalized, detail-oriented plan administration we provide can elevate any company in any vertical.

Our Services

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Customizable Plans

We collaborate with your team to establish innovative plan designs tailored to your practice.


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Our team of experts ensure your plan meets state guidelines for discount plans where applicable.


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Client Success

Your own dedicated Client Success Advisor is with you every step of the way, from trainings to plan growth.


Success Stories

"Dental Care Alliance has had a true partnership with Careington since 2013. We have worked together for a decade to make our membership plan, DentRite, a household name within the DSO community. Launch Loyalty has been there to ensure our plan success, with dedicated representatives always within reach and willing to go the extra mile.

Dental Care Alliance now reaches tens of thousands of uninsured patients to get them treatment they need to achieve quality oral health. It is a true testament to say that with our partner, Launch Loyalty, we have reached over 100,000 patients since our inception without ever changing the original benefits that were written over 20 years ago."

Dental Care Alliance

– Debbie, Customer Service Manager

"So far, every month has been the best month for us. No complaints here! How could anyone complain when we show them how much they are saving. We have saved patients thousands of dollars so far. Patients are pleasantly surprised when we tell them routine cleaning, preventative X-rays and preventative exams are included in the cost and their plan is active immediately!"

Fossum Dental

– Brenda, Business Assistant

"Launch Loyalty has proven to be very valuable to our practice. Having an in-house membership plan available for our cash-paying patients allows them the opportunity to receive quality dental care at membership costs. The Solomon Savers plan has increased patient retention and increased restorative treatment plan acceptance."

Solomon Family Dentistry

– Dr. Jason Solomon

"We are a small general dentist located in rural Ohio. The bulk of our patients are adult middle class with a large number of those being Amish, who don't typically have dental insurance. We wanted to give everyone an option to be able to afford the dental care they need. We implemented our own in-house discount membership plan with Launch Loyalty and have noticed a significant increase in new patients and treatment acceptance rates as well as an increase in services by active patients enrolled in the plan."

Millersburg Dental

– Dulcie, Office Manager