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Who is Launch Loyalty?

Launch Loyalty is a division of Careington that is dedicated to the design, development, administration and success of private-labeled in-house membership plans for dentists, DSOs and other health care providers.

How is Launch Loyalty different from a software as a service company (SaaS)?

Launch Loyalty is a company created by dentists, for dentists. We are real people with more than 40 years of dental industry data and experience. As your plan administrator, we work hard behind the scenes so that your plan reaches its maximum potential. We provide 100% of the administration so you can focus on all things dentistry.

Is a membership plan an insurance plan?

No, it's not insurance. A membership plan, also known as a discount or loyalty plan, is designed to provide discounts on services and/or products. Membership plans save members time as there is no waiting or forms to file. Members simply pay at the time of service to receive discounted rates.

How do I make sure my plan is compliant?

You don't! Launch Loyalty's Compliance and Legal teams make sure all aspects of the plan are well within state and federal requirements, allowing you the freedom you need to truly focus on your patients and practice.

Do I have to be licensed to offer an in-house plan?

Not with Launch Loyalty as your plan administrator. Many states regulate membership plans, and some of those states also require a license and/or registration. Careington is a licensed Discount Plan Organization (DPO) and has a dedicated compliance and legal team to make sure our clients' plans follow state laws and regulations nationwide. We can also provide guidance to our clients if a state requires them to register as a marketer, such as Utah. As the most tenured DPO in the state of Washington, these critical administrative services set Launch Loyalty apart.

Do I have to be in-network with Careington to create a plan with Launch Loyalty?

No. Your plan is not tied to Careington network participation in any way. Your custom branded in-house plan is designed specifically for your office, is based on your fees and can only be used in your offices.

How does Launch Loyalty support its clients?

Launch Loyalty is committed to the success of our clients' membership plans. We provide dedicated Client Success Advisors (CSA) to serve as your streamlined single point of contact. Your CSA will provide hands-on training, customized analytics and reporting, recurring strategy meetings as well as plan performance reviews. We'll work together to reach and exceed your goals.

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