Guiding clients through the regulatory environment assuring a compliant and consumer-friendly membership plan.

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What does my state require?

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A Discount Plan Organization, or DPO, is essential for staying on top of the many rules and regulations that surround discount plan administration. Creating your own plan can prove to be costly, as you run the risk of being non-compliant and putting patients through a negative experience. Utilizing a software as a service company, or SaaS, can provide a platform with bells and whistles, but can't always comply with state and national compliance like we can.

Launch Loyalty powered by Careington is a nationally compliant DPO in all states where such a regulation exists and is the most tenured DPO in the state of Washington.

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Map of the United States.

24 States

Regulate and require licensure/registration

11 States

Regulate without licensure/registration

15 States

Do not specifically regulate

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Meeting National Regulation Requirements

Careington is a founding and active member of the Consumer Health Alliance (CHA). The CHA is the industry trade association for discount plans that actively monitors state regulatory activities across the nation and promotes consumer protection and advocacy. Established as the leading DPO in the regulatory environment for the discount plan industry, we are able to build and maintain positive, proactive relationships with each state that help protect the consumer's right to enroll in membership plans we administer.

As the DPO, Careington continually monitors and manages all changes in laws, regulations or guidelines affecting compliance. Any changes that may impact our clients are quickly and clearly communicated to ensure your practice is never at risk of being non-compliant.